B.E.N #1 – Intro

An Intro To Inbox Management

Thank you for your interest in the initial Become an Email Ninja Course.

This course is aimed at people who:

  • Recieve a lot of email
  • Don’t know how to process this email (delete or file, who knows!)
  • Sign up to every newsletter ever (but wants to read the contents)
  • Has a lot of action items in emails but doesn’t know how to keep track of them.

The course is broken down in to 10 modules, each module will be sent out on a weekly basis and contains an action step for you to follow over the forthcoming week.

The modules are:


    • #1 – An Intro To Inbox Zen


    • #2 – Prioritising Your Inbox


    • #3 – Start To Organise Your Inbox


    • #4 – Filter, File & Fling


    • #5 – Identify Common Replies


    • #6 – Setting Up Canned Responses


    • #7 – Identifying Action Items


    • #8 – How To Get Action Items Out Of Your Inbox


    • #9 – Using Flags


    • Congratulations, You’re Now An Email Ninja!


There’s also a Facebook support group for you to join in you have any questions.

The course is completely free to join and will really help you tame your inbox. You have nothing to lose so Sign Up For The FREE Course Today.